Trucks Used by Towing & Wrecker Service Providers

Different Towing Equipment  

When it comes to towing or transporting your car, you have several options on how it should be performed. The options are based solely on the distance of where you want your car to be transported to, as well as the cost of the towing because one is usually more expensive than the other. The towing & wrecker service provider will provide you with different options once you call their office, and here are some of the options that they usually offer:

Winch Towing

This is perhaps the most basic towing option out there and you can do this yourself, provided both cars have a winch mount where you can hook both vehicles together. A professional towing & wrecker service provider usually has a stronger cable compared to the ones that you can buy at your local hardware store. The professionals will hook either the backside or the front side of your car to their tow truck and then drag your car to your preferred destination. This towing option is acceptable if you are just going to transport your car to shorter distances.


Now, if you have an expensive car that you really do not want to be scratched in any way, you might be better off choosing a flatbed towing service. This towing service involves putting your vehicle on a flatbed truck, mounted on tightly, and then transported to your preferred destination. Also, since the vehicle is mounted directly on top of the wrecker, this means that the truck can go faster compared to winch towing and also the car will less likely to get scratched or get dents. This towing & wrecker service is recommended if you are going to transport your car to longer distances.

There are other towing options that professionals in Orange, CA offer. If you would like to know more, you can call Hyeland Towing & Transport at (714) 288-0074 and throw all your questions at us and we will gladly answer all of them.