For Quality Wrecker and Towing Service, We Are the Right Company to Hire!

Getting your car damaged can be a really troublesome situation to be in. Seeing that it’s completely totaled, your only option is to hire someone who can tow it for you. There are different wrecker and towing service companies that you can hire to have it removed from the streets in Orange, CA. One reputable company that you can rely on this type of job is Hyeland Towing & Transport. If you would like to inspect our equipment and trucks personally, don’t hesitate to turn to us.

A Few Reasons to Hire a Wrecker Driver

The main reason that you need to hire one is that your car is heavily damaged and is completely immobile. Calling for a tow truck isn’t going to work because it can only hook and drag a car to the nearest auto repair shop. But if your car’s wheels aren’t rolling anymore and everything is completely destroyed, it’s best that you get our wrecker service because we have trucks that are fit for these kinds of tasks.

Another reason to hire us is we can assist you with light repairs as well. Our wrecker drivers don’t just transport your car but we can also help you with different kinds of car issues. As long as it’s something that we can repair like a leaking radiator or tire replacement, you can definitely count on us that we’ll get it done right away.

Contact Us Today!

We have been in the wrecker business for many years, which is why we are the right company to call whenever you need wrecker services. What’s great about hiring us is that our wrecker drivers are highly skilled and have years of experience in doing this kind of job. The trucks that we use are always maintained daily so that it won’t break down when transporting your car.

You can rely on Hyeland Towing & Transport if you need professional towing service as well. Contact us at (714) 288-0074 if you need us any kind of assistance with your car. We are based in Orange, CA, so if ever you’re close to our area, you can expect that we will arrive quickly!